Phoenix Air Conditioning Repair

Phoenix Arizona is known as the “Valley of the Sun” because of the extremely hot summer months.  Temperatures usually exceed 100 °F for over 100 days annually with an all time high of 122 °F.  A good Phoenix air conditioning repair company is essential for home owners safety and comfort.  CTS Air Conditioning and Heating has serviced Phoenix Arizona since 2001.


Phoenix Air Conditioning Repair

Phoenix Air Conditioning Repair Service

CTS Air Conditioning and Heating has certified HVAC professionals that can repair your air conditioner in a timely and reliable fashion.  We put quality and service as our number one priority.  CTS is always able to take your call in case you need emergency service.  We work with all major A/C brands and even some minor ones.  As the industry advances CTS technicians keep up to date with on going training.  We pride ourselves on preforming repairs that last.  We give a 1 year warranty on any repair that we preform.  CTS Air Conditioning knows that the extreme heat of a Phoenix summer can be brutal on air conditioning equipment.  We also provide an inspection and maintenance service to help catch problems before they occur. We want you to get the most out of your ac system.


Phoenix Air Conditioning Repair Troubleshooting

Please see our Phoenix air conditioning repair page for a thorough explanation of how to fix some common problems.  Checkout our Phoenix air conditioning repair videos on Youtube.

  • Dirty Air Filter.  An uncleaned filter can be the source of many problems.  Luckily they are inexpensive and easy to replace.  You can find them at most stores that carry home improvement products.
  • Low Refrigerant.  If your air conditioning system is not able to keep your house cold then low refrigerant could be the reason why.  If your system has a leak you should call a Phoenix air conditioning repair company to patch it.  This type of work is much easier done by a professional who has the right tools.
  • Clogged AC Drain Line.  Water can leak into your home through the ac air intake or vents.  If you notice water in these areas call us immediately.  If the problem is left untreated it could turn an inexpensive fix into a costly repair.  CTS is a Phoenix air conditioning repair specialist and can correct the problem before it gets worse.


Phoenix Air Conditioning Repair Reviews

CTS Air Conditioning is Phoenix HVAC Repair Contractor with a great reputation.  Checkout some of our testimonials!  If your air conditioner is in need of repair work CTS Air Conditioning is a trusted and reliable contractor of AC repair in Phoenix AZ!


Phoenix Air Conditioning Repair Keeping You Comfortable

You can take additional steps to stay comfortable in the scorching Arizona summer heat.

  • Circulate air around your house with fans.  They are inexpensive and can help reduce your electric bill.
  • Plant trees that will provide shade on the South side of your home.
  • Make sure all door and windows are closed and properly sealed.
  • Get you system inspected by a Phoenix air conditioning repair specialist.