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CTS Air Conditioning and Heating Reviews and Testimonials

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“Our AC unit was taking a long time to get the house cold.  Called CTS Air Conditioning and Heating on Sunday morning and they were there later that day.  The AC was low on refrigerant.  They filled it up and right away we could tell the difference.  The AC is blowing cold again.  Thanks for the great service.  I will call again the next time we have an AC problem.”

-Andy L. from Glendale 8/17/14

“Best Air Conditioning repair company!  My A/C was not blowing very hard like it used to and air coming out was only cool and was not as cold as it normally is.  I called Leon through an ad I found on Craigslist and he helped me fix it free of charge!  First he asked me how long it had been since I had replaced the air filter.  It had been a long time.  He asked me to look at the pipes and check if they looked white.  They did.  He explained how the unit can ice up when the filter is dirty and can cause my problem.  He told me to replace the air filter and let the unit set for a few hours before running it again.  It worked like a charm!  I am sure most companies would have wanted to come to my house and charge me, but Leon was willing to tell me what to do to fix it.  I am sure he saved me a service call and who knows what other charges.  Thanks and God Bless!”

-Gail P. from Phoenix 7/23/14

“Our home lost power and the air conditioner was not blowing cold after power was restored.  It was going to be a hot day so I started calling first thing in the morning.  CTS Air Conditioning were the only ones to answer out of 3 companies.  When I told them that I was without air they made me a priority and had someone out at 10:00, I had called at 7:30.  He did a couple of checks on the unit and said that I needed a new capacitor.  He actually had one with him and had my AC running in about 15 minutes.  I will definitely be calling them next time for sure!”

-Ken B. from Mesa 7/2/14

“I just had CTS Air Conditioning and Heating replace my AC system.  Overall it was a very good experience.  I worked with Leon who owns the company.  He was quick to respond to my calls and was on time for appointments.  The price was reasonable and the crew was competent and friendly.  Good high quality workmanship, my husband went on the roof after they were done and was glad to see that everything was square and flush, all joints, holes, and seams had tape and putty.  They did a nice job and I would use them again.”

-Lori K. from Scottsdale 6/18/14

“The tech troubleshot my 23 year old Sears heat pump.  Replaced the start relay and everything is working great again.  Arrived on time and was very polite.  Thank you!”

-Jacob B. from Phoenix 6/15/14

“I purchased a Honeywell thermostat for my air conditioner as an upgrade from a non programmable one.  After installing it my air conditioner started blowing hot air.  I found CTS Air Conditioning from a Craigslist ad.  It was 11:00pm but they said they had 24 hour service so I called anyway.  I spoke with Leon and told him about my thermostat.  He asked me a few questions about my A/C unit which is a Goodman and my new thermostat which is a Honeywell.  He ran though how to connect the wires to the new thermostat like he was sitting in front of it.  He also told me about a small switch that the thermostat had.  It turned out that I had 2 of the wires wrong and the switch in the wrong position.  In less than 15 minutes over the phone Leon helped me fix it and my air conditioner began to blow cold air again.  He said no charge for this and told me to have a good night.  Thank you Leon!  I will be calling you for any other air conditioning problems!”

-Steve C. from Phoenix 6/3/14